An Introduction To Supplements

Firstly, lets just point out that Supplements are just that, they are meant to ‘supplement’, or ‘enhance’ your every day diet, to ‘add-on’ and help in some way. They are not meant to be taken to replace a healthy and balanced diet. They are not medicines and certainly not the ‘magic pill’ that people sometimes wish for.

At Aliment we always promote a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle. Supplements should not be used as a replacement for this.

Supplements Are Used To Enhance Your Diet

Sometimes it is difficult to achieve everything you need or want from a nutrition point of view. This could be due to lifestyle and time constraints, so cooking a healthy nutritious meal from scratch every day when you arrive home from work, is often difficult, especially when you have already been to the gym and done the shopping just on your way home!

Or, even getting hold of high quality fresh food, can be a challenge. Many fruits and vegetables we eat, because of the way they are grown, do not contain the level of nutrients they used to.

Lets be realistic, in todays hectic lifestyle, eating well is not always easy!

Introducing The Four Essentials – For Your Main Supplement Needs

We have tried to take the hassle out of a small part of these lifestyle choices and think about innovative ways of taking supplements.

Not everyone wants or needs to take multiple supplements, this is the reason we developed our Four Essentials pack:

  • Contains four essential products in one blister strip.
  • Multivitamin and mineral – Your complete spectrum for general well being, all your Vitamins and minerals in one tablet.
  • Probiotic – Looking out for your digestive system! Helping you to absorb what you need!
  • Antioxidant – making sure you are neutralising all the nasties! Helping you to defy the ageing process by getting rid of the waste materials in the body.
  • Omega 3 fish oil. – Natures anti inflammatory whilst also helping to keep your heart, brain and circulatory system healthy!

This is a perfect place to start! You have all your bases covered!

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No Frills At Aliment Just Good Quality And Integrity

Sticking to our ‘no-frills’ approach, all of our products have been developed from a science background, with the simple aim of being effective and sensibly priced.

We have a wide range of supplements suitable for a variety of needs, but to get you started here are some of our customer favourites.

Omega 3 – For Eye, Brain And Circulation Health

Our Omega Plus Finest Fish Oil Capsules and Liquid – Both great for supporting circulatory system and also known as “Natures anti-inflammatory”!

  • Our fish oil is sustainably sourced.
  • Made with sweet orange oil for a non fishy taste.
  • Unique standardisation of essential fatty acids in our fish oils using enzyme technology. This is viewed as a more natural approach with no alcohol or synthetic materials used.
  • Our Omega Plus Finest fish oil capsules use fish gelatin in the shells, NOT bovine.

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Probiotics - To help With Digestion And Intestinal Support

We have various products here for people with different needs from just wanting a maintenance dose, to those who have more of an issue for example, IBS type symptoms.

  • Our Proven range of probiotics have clinical trials behind the products, this is unique in this industry.
  • In fact along with our manufacturers we have over 10 years experience in research into probiotics.
  • Did you know that 70% of your immune system is in your gut?

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Vitamin D – Important For Bone And Teeth Health

Daily D chewable tablet – to supplement Vitamin D, as most of us are deficient, as advised by the Scientific advisory committee. We have new products in our Vitamin D range.

  • Same product as used in the recent Vindicate study looking at Vitamin D and Cardiac function. (Witte, K et al (2016) Effects of Vitamin D on Cardiac Function in Patients with Chronic HF. Journal of the American college of cardiology. Vol 67, No 22)
  • Everyone should be taking Vitamin D.
  • Helps to keep your bones healthy.
  • Recent research linked to Autism and Asthma.

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Skin And Joint Support

Glucosamine and chondroitin combination products have long been shown to help in this area.

  • Joint mobility and repair.
  • Connective Tissue support.
  • Hair, skin and nail health.

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If you can’t find what you’re looking for we’re happy to help, just give us call, chat or email.

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