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“I wanted to take the best of everything I’d learnt over the past 30 years and show people that probiotics really can benefit family health.”

 - Dr Nigel Plummer, Founder of ProVen Probiotics

About ProVen Probiotics........

The group of bacteria used in the ProVen Probiotics range is backed by a unique body of research supporting the benefits of these bacteria for different lifestages and health complaints.

From pregnancy, through infancy and childhood and into adulthood, the Lab4 friendly bacteria used in the ProVen Probiotics products have been shown to be beneficial in protection against allergy, common illnesses and specific digestive complaints, including bloating, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and Clostridium difficile (C. difficile) diarrhoea. They have also been shown to be safe to use and to support gut balance during and after antibiotic therapy.

The Lab4, Lab4b and Lab4p probiotics are the strains used in ProVen Probiotics.

ProVen is part of Cultech Ltd, a bioscience company based in south Wales, which produces supplements for a large number of companies worldwide. The company is internationally renowned as an expert in probiotic bacteria and is approved to make probiotics as medicines – the company is also BRC approved, has ISO9000 and MHRA accreditations and is audited to cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Processes) by the FDA in the USA.

Continuous research & development...

The Lab4 friendly bacteria in ProVen Probiotics is one of the most studied groups of friendly bacteria in the world and the most studied in the UK.

ProVen Probiotics are supported by a large body of ongoing research, with more than 40 published scientific papers, including nine major human studies, all demonstrating positive benefits in intestinal and immune heath.

Cultech Ltd (ProVen Probiotics’ parent company) is licensed by the MHRA to produce probiotics for clinical studies. Approval to give probiotics to almost 500 healthy newborn babies for the Swansea Baby Study is testament to the quality and safety of our products.

World-class manufacturing and production in the uk…

Manufactured at the Cultech GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) approved manufacturing facility in the UK, ProVen Probiotics are produced using proprietary manufacturing processes, 'Tri-Phase' and 'StabilityMax'.

Developed by the scientists at Cultech, 'Tri-Phase' is a unique three-stage micro-encapsulation and conditioning technology, which increases stability of the probiotics at every stage of the process.

Phase 1

Micro-encapsulating and freeze-drying the probiotics

Phase 2

Pre-conditioning and tempering the product during manufacturing

Phase 3

Final 'StabilityMax' treatment prior to packaging


Stability Max combines the TriPhase treated active ingredients with optimised ‘gas-tight’ packaging and ‘overage’ (extra) of bacteria.

The result is high potency probiotics, which are stable for up to 18 months at temperatures of 25-30°C. ProVen Probiotics guarantee that our products will always meet the label claim for the number of bacteria – the number on the label is the minimum count for each capsule, tablet or serving

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