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Vitamin D Government Recommendations

On 21st July 2016, the UK government published recommendations based on a review by the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) stating that everybody in the UK should supplement 10mcg (micrograms) of vitamin D every day throughout the Autumn and Winter months. This is equivalent to 400iu. In addition, the government stated that people who do not spend substantial time outdoors (for example, old or institutionalised people) and those who wear clothes that cover most of their skin whilst they are outdoors, should supplement vitamin D daily all year round. The recommendations have been applied to babies 0-3 and children aged 4-11 as well as older children and adults - 10mcg or 400iu is the recommended dose for all of these age groups.


We usually measure the strength of Vitamin D using micrograms and IU's. A microgram is the measurement by weight of a nutrient. It is usually abbreviated as mcg or ug, these are the same thing. The IU is an International Unit, usually used to measure fat soluble vitamins including Vitamin A, D and E.

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  • Urgent-D - 2000IU (50mcg) Vitamin D Chewable Tablets 60s

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  • EveryDay-D - 400IU (10mcg) Vitamin D Chewable Tablets

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  • Daily-D Vitamin D Tablets 1000iu With Vitamin K2 90 Tablets Multibuy (3 Tubs for £15)

  • Daily-D Vitamin D Tablets 1000iu With Vitamin K2 180 Tablets Multibuy (2 Tubs for £21.15 - 3 Tubs for £31.30)

  • Daily-D Vitamin D Tablets 1000iu With Vitamin K2


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