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Why Choose Aliment Nutrition?

Why Choose Aliment?

Company Ethos/Statement

We know there are many supplement companies out there, so, what sets us apart from all the other companies within our industry?

Our Own Manufacturing in the UK

We are a unique company amongst hundreds of supplement brands, who pride ourselves in high quality products  which we have developed. All of our products are manufactured in our own facility in the UK under strict management conditions and to the highest standards achievable in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Aliment Limited was founded by British nutritional scientists who have developed dietary supplements for health practitioners and professionals in North America and Europe over the last 20 years. Our products reflect this heritage. We have now been running for 15 years and are well established in the industry.

Aliments supplements are born from scientific study and developed by British nutritionals experts to our own unique recipes. We use the finest ingredients and offer high potency to provide the correct combination of nutrients for your supplement needs. We are very much driven by science and research and have carried out numerous clinical trials on our probiotics. We also have a very strong technical team behind the scenes, who are made up of scientists from different specialities.

Our manufacturing site has the following accreditations: BRC (British Retailer Consortium); ISO 9000:2000; GMP (For designated products).

What we have been able to do is research, develop, manufacture, and sell high quality products which are made in the UK with full traceability of an extremely strict quality management system.

The products are unique to us and you are not able to find them anywhere other than…..

Fish Oils

Omega 3 Finest Fish Oil Capsules & Liquid

- DHA 187.5mg and EPA 262mg per capsule (562mg total)
- Fish Gelatine Capsule Shell (No Beef)
- 120 Capsules Per Pot

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This means quality ingredients used in formulations based on experience and research and knowledge. We never compromise on quality and make sure our raw materials are sourced from audited and approved suppliers. Manufacturing takes place in our state of the art facility which means we know and control exactly what is happening every step of the way.

Our technical development team are constantly working on new research, with the aim to bring you new products and ideas when ever possible. This means we are able to bring you high quality, high specification products at a lower price.

We work closely to make sure we bring you the latest in effective and high quality products based on the latest research.

Our Name

The name Aliment comes from 'Hippocrates', who is usually seen as the first doctor, hence the 'Hippocratic oath' which doctors today swear to once they become qualified. Hippocrates recognised that there was an 'essence' within fresh fruits and vegetables which was of a health benefit to people. He called this essence 'Aliment'!

In July 2017, PRP was merged with the Aliment Limited brand to create much more efficiency in the running of the PRP business.

WE Are Unique!!

We are one of the few Supplement companies today who actually carry out clinical trials on some of our products.

We fully understand why research and science is so important and this is what drives us!

Aliment works with many professionals who also use products from the Aliment range of supplements daily.

These professionals range from Fitness instructors and coaches, Chiropractors, Nutritionists, Naturopaths, and Doctors.

We also work with professional sports teams and supply products to them.

Intensive Training Sport Probiotic Complex - 30 Capsules 

- Formulated for performance
- Used in two clinical trials with endurance athletes
- 25 billion viable cells per capsule

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If you are taking any prescribed medication or have any medical conditions ALWAYS consult your doctor or pharmacist BEFORE taking vitamins or supplements. Food supplements must not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. If pregnant or lactating, ALWAYS consult your doctor before use. Or if you have any queries about any supplement ALWAYS consult a QUALIFIED medical professional.


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