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We All Need to Supplement Vitamin D Daily


On 21st July 2016, the UK government published recommendations based on a review by the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) stating that everybody in the UK should supplement 10μg (micrograms) of vitamin D every day throughout the Autumn and Winter months.

In addition, the government stated that people who do not spend substantial time outdoors (for example, old or institutionalised people) and those who wear clothes that cover most of their skin whilst they are outdoors, should supplement vitamin D daily all year round.


The recommendations have been applied to babies 0-3 and children aged 4-11 as well as older children and adults - 10μg is the recommended dose for all of these age groups.

Vitamin D is required for the absorption of calcium and phosphate in the body and for healthy bones, teeth and muscles. Unfortunately, in recent years we have seen an increase in the number of cases of rickets amongst children in the UK and similarly of osteomalacia (or soft bones) in adults. It is this change that prompted the government to investigate the need for supplementation and to make these latest recommendations.

The primary source of vitamin D is bright sunshine on the skin (face, arms and neck), but in the UK it is not possible to get the required amount of sunshine in the autumn and winter months for the skin to be able to make adequate vitamin D to maintain sufficient levels in the body.

Whilst some vitamin D is available through diet, the amounts are limited, with one egg containing around 40IU and the recommended dose of 10μg being equivalent to 400IU – we would need to eat 10-12 eggs per day to achieve the vitamin D intake the government is now recommending! Other food sources include oily fish, such as salmon, liver and fortified foods, such as breakfast cereals.

As a result, the government has taken the unprecedented move of recommending supplementation of vitamin D for everybody.

Aliment Nutrition has a brand new range of vitamin D supplements!

Following the government's recommendations, Aliment Nutrition is working to spread the word about the need for vitamin D to support healthy bones, teeth and muscles and to contribute to more general areas of health, such as energy and immunity.

On Friday 28th October 2016, we took to the radio waves alongside GP and author, Dr Roger Henderson to revisit the government recommendations and work to publicise the need for vitamin D supplementation as the clocks go back and we move into reduced daylight hours for the winter months.

To understand more about how much the general public knows regarding the new recommendations, we worked with a company who commissioned a UK-wide study and found that 80% of adults have not heard about the latest vitamin D recommendations.

As a result, 80% of adults don’t take a vitamin D supplement and 90% of parents do not give supplements to their children. Three quarters of all adults believe that they get enough vitamin D through their food and there is no need to do anything else.

This is not the case and, as the days get shorter and people retreat into their homes and start to layer up the clothing, we are launching a cost-effective range of vitamin D supplements for the whole family to help people to easily achieve their 10μg every day.


The range includes infant drops, an everyday spray and everyday chewable tablets, all of which provide the 10μg daily dose of vitamin D recommended by the government.

We are also launching two higher strength products (Urgent-D spray and chewable tablets) for adults who feel that they need to supplement at a higher level.

The infant drops contain 10μg of vitamin D in a single drop, which is easy to administer to children 0-3 years of age.


The EveryDay-D 10μg product comes in both a spray and a chewable tablet, to suit the needs of the individual family. The EveryDay-D spray is orange flavoured and provides 10μg of vitamin D3 in a single spray and has been shown in research to be absorbed into the bloodstream via the inside of the mouth in less than 5 minutes. The EveryDay-D chewable tablets are blackcurrant flavoured and provide 10μg of vitamin D in a form that is palatable for all members of the family and comes in 100 tablet and 500 tablet bottles so you can stock up at a level that suits your family.


Urgent-D is a higher-strength product for adults who feel they need a higher level of vitamin D supplementation. It is available as both a spray and chewable tablets, each of which contains 50μg of vitamin D3. Again, the spray has been shown to be absorbed through the inside of the mouth (via the cheek or under the tongue) within 5 minutes. The chewable tablet has been shown in clinical trials to move vitamin-D deficient adults to achieve sufficient blood levels of vitamin D within 3 months of taking the tablet on a daily basis.

For further information on the government's 2016 vitamin D recommendations:


Everyday-D TabletsEveryDay D Tablets

400iu (10mcg)

• 400iu (10mcg) in each tablet

• Great tasting chewable tablet

• New government recommendations to supplement Vitamin D

• Comes in 100 or 500 size tubs


EveryDay D Spray

400iu (10mcg)

• 400iu (10mcg) in each dose

• Hyper absorbable

• New government recommendations to supplement Vitamin D

• Clinical trials showing deficiency is resolved.

• 200 Doses per tube


urgent d tabletsUrgent D Tablets

2000iu (mcg)

• 1000iu (50mcg) in each tablet

• Great tasting chewable tablet

• New government recommendations to supplement Vitamin D



urgent d sprayUrgent D Spray

2000iu (50mcg)

• 1000iu (50mcg) in each dose

• Hyper absorbable

• New government recommendations to supplement Vitamin D

• Clinical trials showing deficiency is resolved.

• 200 doses per tube


infant-dInfant D Drops

400iu (10mcg)

• New government recommendations to supplement Vitamin D

• Easy to take drops for babies and children