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Supplements For Your Pets

Supplements For Your Pets

I’m sure most dog owners would agree that owning a dog is one of ‘Life’s Pleasures’!

They become our companions, give us an excuse to get some exercise, and hopefully make us responsible for something other than ourselves, and in return we get love back which is non- judgmental as to what we look like, sound like, what political or religious views we believe in or what clothes we wear!

All pet owners want to see their dogs fit, happy and healthy. We know that most dogs love to exercise and are often at their happiest whilst chasing a ball or running around!

Did you also know that there are supplements for your pets?

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As responsible owners, it is up to us to make sure that we provide all the necessary components in our dogs life to make it the best for them.

On a basic level this means a roof over their head, food and water. However, it is evident that for a dog to flourish, it needs more ‘care’ than this involving regular exercise, and mental stimulation, it is also extremely important that a dog learns social skills to enable him/her to interact with other dogs and humans, therefore creating a balanced dog.

In the wild, wolves hunt for their food which strengthens the bonds within their pack (your family), also giving them a job to do (your daily walk or ball throwing session). They then celebrate the hunt by playing, which is why two or more dogs will often play together on returning from their walk.

Once this is accomplished they can feed on their catch (eat the food you provide for them). The finally, do what they do best, they sleep it off with a full belly! So the famous saying, ‘A Dogs Life’ is really a very good life!

Nutrition is extremely important for all animals, and dogs are no exception. Although we mostly think of dogs as carnivores, or just needing plenty of meat in their diet, they are actually omnivorous.

Although primarily meat makes up the major component of a dogs diet, they do also need roughage or vegetables. In the wild, wolves will feast on raw meat, but they will also naturally supplement their diet with stolen eggs, and also grass and wild vegetables.

They very quickly become opportunists when it comes to food, and therefore their diets become more varied. This is a combination of their need to eat, and feed their young, and also the huge increase in human towns and villages spreading and expanding further into the wilderness, and the wolves territory.

I’m sure that every dog owner will be able to relate to the opportunistic nature of their domestic canines!! Due to this behaviour in the wild where wild dogs or wolves would forage, they naturally supplement their diet with extra nutrients.

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In older dogs, or dogs where aches and pains, or stiffness is more obvious, a higher dose may really benefit and help.

The majority of complete diets on the market today provide all the vitamins and minerals a domestic dog needs at various stages in its life and development. However, if there are extra stresses and strains put on your pet due to work load, illness, or age, supplements for your pets maybe something to look into.

This is also something to think of if you decide to cook your own food for your dogs, and are not using a ready made complete diet. It seems inevitable that in todays society we do start to humanise our pet dogs, after all you can buy clothes and accessories with designer labels, die their coat, and even paint their claws! It is however, important to bear in mind that they survived well enough in the wild to evolve into what we now recognise today as man’s best friend, without too much help from us! This means that although they really do look like they want some of your hot and spicy curry, or pizza and chips, they really can survive without it! As long as we realise what their needs are, and make sure they are adequately met we should all enjoy a happy and healthy relationship with our dogs!

In the domestic environment there is not such an opportunity for foraging as our pet dogs are not allowed to roam. Therefore, the need may arise for us as owners to provide extra nutrients for our dogs.

For example, dogs with itchy, dry or flaky skin, and dull coat would almost certainly benefit from added essential fatty acids in their diet in the form of Concentrated Fish Oil, Cod Liver Oil, or even Evening Primrose Oil supplements, there are benefitial supplements for your pets.

Active dogs, either working or competing, may benefit from a Glucosamine & Chondroitin supplement being added to their diet.

This can be used at a lower dose as a maintenance or preventative in younger dogs who are very active, or those training and competing in Agility or Flyball for example, just helping to keep the joints healthy and supple.


If you are taking any prescribed medication or have any medical conditions ALWAYS consult your doctor or pharmacist BEFORE taking vitamins or supplements. Food supplements must not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. If pregnant or lactating, ALWAYS consult your doctor before use. Or if you have any queries about any supplement ALWAYS consult a QUALIFIED medical professional.


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