What supplements does Aliment Nutrition Managing Director Charlotte Avery each day?

The supplement market is definitely a difficult one to navigate around. Whether you have lots of knowledge and expertise in this area, or very little, it can be difficult to decide what you should or should not be taking. It is very easy to get caught up In adding one more to the list, but do you really need them all?

Charlotte Avery has been in the nutrition industry since 1999, and established her own Nutritional brand ‘Aliment Nutrition’ in 2005. In 2017 they acquired a sports range, and both brands are now going from strength to strength. In the following article, we've caught up Charlotte to see what supplements she takes each day and why.

What supplements and why

I try to maintain a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle, as do most people. However, I am also a realistic, busy, working wife, and mum to a very active little boy and two dogs! We eat quite healthily with lots of fruit and vegetables, but I do have the occasional treat. This may be the occasional cake, or biscuit in the office, or weekend takeaway. I try to make sure I drink plenty of water.

I run 7Km canicross once or twice a week, and also train in dog agility once a week, usually walking a couple of miles on each of the days in between. I often ride a mountain bike to take in the beautiful trails we have around here in  South Wales. As well as the usual kind of running around that happens day to day in a family, I do try to have some down time for reading and sketching, gardening. I am generally healthy, active, and not overweight, but well aware that I am approaching middle age at a rate of knots!

I know however, I probably don’t eat enough volume of fruit and veg I need, so I do feel it is important for me to supplement to help this.

Aliment Four Essentials

I have taken the Four Essentials for the last 6 years religiously and before that on and off for a number of years (with a break whilst pregnant). I absolutely swear by these magic strips to keep my basic level of nutrition where it should be. Even if I don’t remember anything else, I know my bases are covered.  I take these with my breakfast every morning.

Aliment Proven 25 Billion

I used to suffer badly with allergies to dust, and also with allergic Asthma. Years ago, I was introduced to probiotics by Dr Nigel Plummer, and they really helped with this. I also find that taking the Aliment Proven 25 Billion keeps my digestive system happy and also helps me deal with stress. I take these just after I have eaten breakfast every morning. If I ever do have an upset tummy, then I double up.


Aliment Daily D 1000 IU

I live in South wales in the beautiful afan valley, so we do get some sun, but it rains a lot! Even in the middle of summer, I spend my days Monday to Friday in the office, so Vitamin D supplementation for me is essential. It is especially important during the winter months, and can also really help with mood when the days are short in the middle of winter. I usually take these after my lunch as I quite often feel like something sweet then;-)

Aliment Omega Plus Finest Fish Oil Capsules

I suffered with dry skin and the odd patch of psoriasis for a period of a couple of years. I found upping my omega 3 intake was brilliant. I used to eat a lot of fish, but not so much for the last 6 years, so it was really important to keep this up. I find it really helps me if I have a lot on, to then increase my omega 3 intake. I did start with the liquid, but I struggle with the oil feel in my mouth after a couple of months. So I switched to capsules☺ I have recently increased my intake as I am now running more than I used to, as Omega 3’s are a natural anti-inflammatory. I take 2 of these a day after my lunch.

Some extras I've been taking more recently

Ultimate Greens Capsules

Even though I eat reasonably healthily, I still felt I wasn’t getting enough of the good stuff as I am not a big eater. Sitting on a shelf near to my desk are the Ultimate Greens capsules, which are a perfect combination of greens, and are a great way of getting the extras that I need. They are also alkalising, so for me it was a win win. I take 3 of these a day, usually with my lunch.

Connex Active Plus

I recently started taking a glucosamine combination supplement for the first time. I was finding, that as I increased my running distance , I could feel an ache in my knees and hip afterwards which has never happened before. The combination product is hopefully doing some good! I take one of these a day with my breakfast.