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Probiotics on the Track!


As part of my most recent study to look at the effects of probiotic supplementation on gastrointestinal damage and symptoms during endurance exercise, we recruited 26 participants to run an entire marathon race around the athletics track (just over 105 laps).


The study was a large logistical challenge, made possible with the help from a large number of the sports science departments at Liverpool John Moores and Edge Hill University. Not only did the participants face the task of running a marathon, they all also provided blood samples before and after the race, while 18 also gave muscle biopsy samples.



The race itself was a huge success with 21 finishers in times ranging from 2:32-5:00, with less than 60 seconds between first and second place.



While the analysis is ongoing, meaning the results will not be available for a couple of months, the study itself marks a huge achievement for everyone involved - participants and researchers. Over the coming months, I will be looking to see if probiotics had an effect on gastrointestinal symptoms, markers of GI damage and permeability and inflammation.

- Catching up with Jamie Pugh on his PhD progress, where he explains his latest research.