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Is Baby Brain Real? This Is Why Fish Oil Is Important During Pregnancy

“The brain size of women with insufficient DHA actually shrinks in pregnancy because the foetus will rob their brain to build its own.”

‘Baby Brain Is Real’!

Many of us have heard about baby brain, and some have experienced it! But why and how does it happen?

When a baby is born, it has a much larger head compared to body. In fact the brain to body ratio in a human is a couple of hundred times greater than some large mammals.

The most important brain building nutrient for the developing brain is DHA. A baby's brain is made up of 11% DHA. DHA is fundamental for the structure and function of the brain and eyes, making up 97% of the omega 3’s in the brain.

It is now recognised that if the pregnant mum does not have enough EPA/DHA, then the brain size of the mum will actually shrink during pregnancy because the foetus will take what it needs to develop and nourish its own. This means that this could be the reason that women often report feeling forgetful (baby brain).

The general consensus therefore is that fish oil is extremely important in pregnancy, not just for the developing baby, but also for the mum.

baby brain

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However, the method of getting enough high quality fish oil is also important. Most pregnant women are generally advised to eat 2 portions of oil fish per week during pregnancy. This may be difficult for so many reasons, and there is also the concern of the source of the fish being eaten. Where was it caught? Is it wild or farmed? Has it been screened for heavy metals?

Another consideration is the type of fish the EPA/DHA is coming from. For example, you may typically eat tuna as one of your portions of oil fish per week. Tuna could on average have 10 times the amount of heavy metals than smaller fish such as sardines and mackerel and even Salmon. Whereas a good quality supplement would get its oil from sardine and anchovy, which typically contain much lower levels of contaminants.

So whereas these factors would be important for anybody eating fish, whilst being pregnant, this may make these factors even more crucial.

Good quality fish oil supplements (NOT Cod Liver Oil) will not only provide good levels of DHA/EPA, but they will also provide the re-assurance that they have been tested to ensure the absence of heavy metals such as Mercury, and other contaminants.

So doesn’t it make sense to take a high quality fish oil supplement so you know exactly what you are putting into your body, from a nutrient level point of view, and also from a purity point of view.

An ideal level of DHA during pregnancy is 250-300mg per day